how we are in time and space: Annotations

March 20 - June 12, 2022

Parallel to the exhibition how we are in time and space: Nancy Buchanan, Marcia Hafif, Barbara T. Smith, a number of artists and arts organizations have been invited to respond to one or more specific works in this exhibition, resulting in new art works, performances, screenings, talks, and other events. This program will favor annotation over remaking of historic works, initiating a dialogue with the primary exhibition, its artists, and its rich materiality, expanding these connections outward in time and space. Events will take place at various sites over the course of the exhibition. All programs are free and open to the public. 

Texts by Michael Ned Holte, guest curator, in collaboration with each participant.

Neha Choksi
Gabrielle Civil
Patricia Fernández
Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle
Kang Seung Lee
Babsi Loisch
Matt Siegle
Tashi Wada
Jennifer West
Feminist Center for Creative Work
The Revolution School

Nancy Buchanan
Barbara T. Smith

Calendar of events

Organized by guest curator Michael Ned Holte.

About the exhibition
Organized by guest curator Michael Ned Holte, the title of the exhibition—how we are in time and space: Nancy Buchanan, Marcia Hafif, and Barbara T. Smith—is taken from a phrase by Barbara T. Smith, positioning art as an inquiry into the nature of being. Embracing the differences between these artists as well as their points of convergence, the exhibition will probe various notions of being, including the political, scientific, and spiritual. how we are in time and space will span 3,000 square feet, comprise over 50 works and significantly elevate dialogue around these groundbreaking artists in tandem with the Armory’s robust education and community outreach programs.

Project Support
Major support for how we are in time and space and related public programs comes from the Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts and the Pasadena Art Alliance, with generous support from the Michael Asher Foundation. Major support for all Armory programs comes from the Los Angeles Arts Recovery Fund.

About the Armory
Armory Center for the Arts, in Pasadena, California, is one of the Los Angeles region’s leading independent institutions for contemporary art and community arts education. The Armory believes that an understanding and appreciation of the arts is essential for a well-rounded human experience and a healthy civic community. The organization’s board and staff are committed to holding deep conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion; and acknowledge that these efforts are ongoing, a process of growth, and require intense self-reflection and collective consideration. Under Covid-19, and in keeping with these institutional practices, the Armory has deepened and expanded its programmatic reach to include online exhibition programs and artmaking classes, along with hands-on art activities safely delivered in-person to those with limited digital access. For more information on the Armory Center for the Arts, visit
Barbara T. Smith
A Week in the Life Of...(detail), 1975
Performance documentation and relics,
Courtesy of the artist and The Box, Los Angeles